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I have a neighbor who goes to extreme lengths just to always make sure that he spends as little as possible on everything. He is what we all know as a spend-thrift, and if he could dodge the bullet of spending even just a single dime, he would totally do so.

Well, fate has its own way of teaching people that going cheap is not always the best way to go.

He had a plumbing problem one time and as expected, he went out of his way to find the cheapest plumbing contractors he could find, disregarding reviews and just not at all thinking things through. He did find them and then he paid them the money they claimed to be the only thing he has to pay. However, after the job was done, he was again asked by the contractors to pay for other fees. These were hidden charges and other undisclosed fees that my neighbor did not bother to read in the contract. My neighbor was really angry at the contractors for fooling him but he had no choice but to settle the payments since he signed the contract too.

Then, worse came to worse when after just a few weeks, his plumbing system was again acting up. He called the company about the situation and told him that they would handle the problem, given a certain amount should be settled first. He was very mad and demanded that they fix the problem without pay since they did not do a very good job of it in the first place. They told them that it is also in the contract that once the job is declared finished and the owner accepts it as so, then all transactions are over. My neighbor was really mad for being fooled so much. Being the kind neighbor that I was, I decided to help him by leading him to CMAC Plumbing, the plumbing company that I personally choose for my plumbing needs.

The very thing that this company has over other bogus companies, and the very thing that my neighbor should have considered first before the cheap rates, is the fact that this company is licensed and is therefore approved to render services that the governing bodies deemed “of quality.” I told him that for a plumbing system, cheapness is no option and that quality is always the way to go, and that the only way to achieve quality plumbing is through a licensed and credible plumbing company such as CMAC Plumbing (check out this site for details).

My neighbor indeed learned a valuable lesson that day and since then, while he still saves whenever he could, he reassesses on things that needs to be reasonably expensive in order to have the quality and result that is necessary for it to function well, just like the plumbing of his home.

If you do not want to fall into the traps of fake contractors, check out the Community Walk page of CMAC Plumbing and learn how to get in touch with them.